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Kosher City, located in the quiet picturesque neighborhood of Prestwich, Manchester is the first and only kosher supermarket of its kind to offer an online service in the Greater Manchester area. Established only 2 years ago, we have enabled the consumer to have a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience in an upscale and economical way!

Kosher City's emphasis on customer satisfaction is the reason we offer the freshest and highest quality products at the lowest prices. Our incredible and dedicated customer service staff is always looking to ensure satisfaction and convenience and know how to take your overall shopping experience to a higher level.

Whether it's the freshest in-house bakery products, the finest deli foods, gluten and sugar-free items, and so much more, you can rely on Kosher City to bring the freshness, the reliability, the selection and quality home to you.

Kosher City prides itself for its strict guidelines when it pertains to kosher supervision, and is under the Manchester Beth Din.

The Kosher City Team

Opening times

Sunday - Wednesday 8pm - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 11pm
Friday Winter 8am - 1pm
Summer 8am - 2pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders are generally processed within 3 working hours of checkout.

Yes! You can tick the 'accept substitutes' checkbox on the trolley page. This will tell us that you would like something similar to what you have ordered.

Sure you can! As long as it is not damaged, and is in date we will accept all returns within 14 days of purchase. Sorry but fridge and freezer items are non refundable.

Orders can be adjusted right until it has been processed! Just go to the 'my account' section on the top of this page and update your order accordingly. Once your order has been processed we won't be able to change or alter it.

What Our Customers Say